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The dosti founders wanted a place to connect with people and meet new people and there were 2 options - join a site that is geared for people to meet who want to get married or nothing.  And so, dosti was conceived and started being built.  With help from people in US, UK, and India the dosti team has built a solution for people everywhere to connect and build a relationship of their choosing.  From friends only to more...the choice is yours.

The team designed and built and its advanced site design.  This system brings together from people from all over the world - more than other dating sites.

We are always working towards improving the site and making faster and easier to use.

Our chat rooms are cool - you can chat with text, and/or voice with people all over the world!

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4.  Unlike other sites which send spam to their users and try to send messages to their friends without knowing, we work hard to fight spam and work hard to ensure our users are real people.

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